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    || 16-Nov-2017

    It is becoming increasingly popular for parents to equally share physical custody with one another. However, New York state statutes have yet to be modified to address the issue of how child support should be calculated when parents equally share custody of their children. That said, case law (written court decisions issued by judges) has evolved to address this issue. Generally, when parents earn ...
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  • An eighteen-year-old in the State of New Jersey can obtain a driver’s license, vote, and engage in other activities and decisions reserved for adults. But yes, at age 18 your new adult may aso still be entitled to receive child support from you. Until the recent enactment of signed S-1046/A-2721, New Jersey had one of the most flexible and unpredictable emancipation laws in the Country. ...
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  • Emancipation! Wait, I May Still Have to Pay Child Support After My Child Turns 18? (New York Edition)

    || 27-Feb-2017

    At the age of eighteen (18) your child can vote, purchase cigarettes in many parts of the State (with the exception of New York City and Suffolk counties where the age limit is 21), obtain a driver’s license, a credit card and engage in many other acts reserved for adults. Yet, if you are the payor of child support in the State of New York, you will be obligated to continue paying to support ...
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  • "You can’t get blood from a stone”, is the old adage which often gives people comfort when they owe money to a creditor whom they cannot afford to repay. Well, as all of my clients can confirm, I speak the truth even when you don’t want to hear it, so here goes: the court has a nifty power called “imputation”. When the court imputes income to you or your spouse ...
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  • Can I Get a Child Support Modification?

    || 27-Jun-2013

    Child support orders are made at the time of the divorce and may have been adequate and doable for your situation at that point. Unfortunately, financial situations change and the needs of children also change over time. If you need some sort of modification done to your current child support order, get in touch with a Staten Island divorce attorney from The Law Offices of Adelola Sheralynn Dow. A ...
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  • How is Child Support Determined in Staten Island, NY?

    || 5-Jun-2013

    New York has child support standards and the amounts are calculated following the Child Support Standards Act (CSSA) along with domestic relations laws and family court acts. Generally non-custodial parents have to pay a "basic child support obligation" unless the court determines it inappropriate for a unique situation. This basic obligation is found by multiplying the parental income ...
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  • Do You Have a Stubborn Ex-Spouse Not Paying Child Support?

    || 14-May-2013

    In New York, parents are obligated to pay child support for their children until the child reaches the age of 21. If the parent fails to do so, then they may be facing various penalties. There are federal and state acts and laws that penalize parents who do not pay child support. One of the acts is called the Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act of 1998, which this makes not paying child support a ...
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