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Can I Get a Child Support Modification?

Child support orders are made at the time of the divorce and may have been adequate and doable for your situation at that point. Unfortunately, financial situations change and the needs of children also change over time. If you need some sort of modification done to your current child support order, get in touch with a Staten Island divorce attorney from The Law Offices of Adelola Sheralynn Dow. A skilled lawyer will be able to look into your financial situation and come up with the best options for you to take. In order to find out if your current situation qualifies for a modification you will need the guidance of Attorney Dow.

Some of the examples of conditions that may qualify for a child support modification include:

  • Receiving full custody of your child where they start living with you full time
  • Your child becomes emancipated and works full time on their own
  • The needs of your child change; they could have more medical needs or need more money for education
  • You have to get another job due to a variety of different reasons

The court ultimately will make the decision if you qualify for a modification, but instances where you leave your job voluntarily or switch to a job with a lower salary usually do not qualify. Do not try to make a verbal agreement with the other parent in an attempt to change the child support. At any point the other parent can change their mind and you can be left in a situation that you cannot handle. Seek legal advice from a Staten Island divorce lawyer and pursue a child support modification through the courts.

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