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Are you a parent who needs to establish the paternity of your child in order to collect child support? Have you been alleged to be the father of a child for whom you want to determine paternity? We can guide you through the legal process of establishing or disproving paternity of a child. If you need to establish the paternity of your child in Staten Island, Brooklyn, or in the New Jersey counties of Monmouth or Middlesex, you can do so with our legal assistance.

Paternity Cases With Staten Island Divorce Attorneys

The Paternity process legally establishes the biological father of a child when it is uncertain or has not been previously established. Paternity arises as a legal issue in cases of child support, but it can also be an issue when it comes to other family law areas, such as adoption, custody, visitation, inheritance, and health care. In New York, clear and convincing proof of paternity is required. This proof can be accomplished through DNA testing.

DNA testing is usually required when one party contests the allegations of paternity. An alleged father may contest paternity when required to pay child support payments for a child he believes is not his. A mother may contest paternity when a father tries to gain custody or visitation rights to a child which he believes is his. Paternity can also be established through circumstantial evidence, such as when a man accepts a child as his own and raises the child. If he does not contest the paternity of this child during a certain time period, then he may be considered the legal father and be responsible for the child's financial support.

Paternity matters have lifelong financial and emotional implications for all parties involved. It is important to have a full understanding of your legal rights before you admit or deny paternity of a child. We can help protect your legal rights and fully inform you of the legal consequences of your paternity issue.

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    A CFL is not just an attorney; they are professionals who have undergone extensive training in handling the financial aspects of legal issues, especially those related to divorce and complex financial matters. Certified financial litigators have completed comprehensive training and achieved a passing grade on the CFL Exam, ensuring they are well-versed in all aspects of financial law. Choosing an attorney with a CFL certification means you're opting for an expert with a deep understanding of financial issues that may arise during legal proceedings. These attorneys can provide advice and guidance based on a thorough knowledge of financial concepts and regulations.

  • Where Can I File My Divorce Paper Work?
    If you are currently engaged in an uncontested divorce then you can file your divorce papers at the County Clerk’s Office, or online using theĀ New York State Courts Electronic Filing System. However, many times this isn’t the case and you need an attorney that will guide you through your divorce. Contact my firm today for more information.
  • What Are Grounds for Divorce in the State of New York?
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