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If you need legal help in a case of domestic violence in Staten Island, Brooklyn, or in the counties of Monmouth or Middlesex, New Jersey, you will get the legal support and guidance you need from me. As a Staten Island divorce lawyer, I am licensed in New York and New Jersey and can represent you in your domestic violence matter. State laws assist victims of domestic violence with many legal protections which our firm can put into place for your benefit.

Legal Protections for Domestic Violence Victims

Domestic violence refers to the assault, battery, sexual assault, intimidation, or other abusive treatment of a family member, household member, or intimate partner against another. This abuse can occur between spouses, ex-spouses, family members, people living together, domestic partners, unmarried parents of a child, and dating partners. Domestic violence crosses all social and economic strata, ethnic groups, and religious groups.

Under New York and New Jersey law, an order of protection issued by the courts can protect victims of domestic violence by prohibiting the abuser from contacting the victim in any way at home, at work, or at school. A person named in an order of protection who violates the "stay-away" order can be arrested by law enforcement and charged with a felony when harassing or threatening a victim.

Often, domestic violence becomes an issue in child custody or visitation cases. In these matters, an order of protection may be issued by the courts along with a temporary child support order. Domestic violence cases may be brought before both family and criminal courts concurrently.

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