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When you've decided that your marriage is untenable and that divorce is your best option, it is often an emotionally difficult time. The process of divorce can be confusing in and of itself, but if you live on Staten Island and are trying to obtain a New Jersey divorce, you will want specialized legal attention. I am an experienced Staten Island divorce attorney who is licensed in both New York and New Jersey.

Unlike other lawyers who just have the license, I know New Jersey. I, like you, am a former resident. I have practiced in the state and was the Court Attorney for Judge Paul A. Kapalko, the Former Presiding Judge of Monmouth County Superior Court, Family Part. Don't hire someone who doesn't know Jersey to handle your divorce!

Differences in New Jersey and New York Divorce Law

If you live on Staten Island but are pursuing a divorce in New Jersey, it is extremely important that you are represented by a capable Staten Island divorce lawyer who understands the nuances of the law. New York and New Jersey have different laws regarding grounds for divorce.

Some of the dissimilarities are:

  • Under New Jersey law, you can divorce on the grounds of an 18-month separation, as opposed to a 12-month separation in New York.
  • New Jersey allows you to divorce if one of the parties had voluntarily developed an addiction to a narcotic drug or if one partner has been habitually drunk for more than a year after the marriage.
  • Grounds for divorce in New Jersey include "Deviant sexual conduct voluntarily performed by the defendant without the consent of the plaintiff." These are not grounds in New York.

The differences in the state laws do not end at the causes for divorce. If you're considering a divorce, it is likely your utmost concern how you will be impacted by child custody and child support laws, what you are entitled to under equitable distribution, and whether you will pay or receive spousal support. For example, although both New York and New Jersey have equitable distribution laws, New Jersey courts consider at least 15 factors when deciding the outcome. In New York, there are only 13 factors taken into account. Your family, your income, your life are all going to be affected by your divorce. Ensure that your lawyer knows all of the intricacies of and differences in the law and practices if your divorce is in New Jersey!

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