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Divorce is never easy and, in one that is contested, it can be emotionally wrenching and hard on your wallet. If you and your spouse disagree over any of the issues involved in your divorce, then you are engaged in a contested divorce. You will have to sort out the issues and resolve them, either through negotiations outside of court or through court appearances.

Once all of the surrounding issues have been agreed upon, a divorce judgment can be handed down by the court. The issues which must be resolved include such matters as child custody, child support, child visitation, and equitable division of marital property.

In NY, you can file for divorce under the following fault-based grounds:

  • Cruel and inhuman treatment, such as physical, verbal, or emotional abuse;
  • Abandonment for a period of one or more years;
  • 3 consecutive years in jail or prison for one of the spouses since the marriage began; and
  • Adultery.

New York also offers the following no-fault grounds for divorce:

  • Where one of the parties alleges that the marriage has been irretrievably broken for at least 6 months, or
  • After living apart for one year with a separation agreement or a court ordered judicial separation.

Divorce Cases in Brooklyn, Staten Island, & the NJ Counties of Monmouth & Middlesex

Whether you are contemplating a divorce or are already involved in one in which you and your spouse disagree over certain issues, you will need competent legal representation. Staten Island divorce attorney, Adelola Sheralynn Dow is licensed in both New York and New Jersey and offers comprehensive legal representation to residents of Brooklyn and Staten Island who have family-related cases pending in Monmouth and Middlesex County New Jersey as well.

I understand the complexities of New York and New Jersey domestic relations laws and knows that the best way to resolve familial matters is through negotiations done outside of the courtroom. No judge knows your family better than you do. I will use my negotiation skills to help you get the results that will work for you and your family without the need for protracted litigation.

If the need for litigation arises, I will be the aggressive force you need to help protect your legal rights and entitlements. It is best to discuss the particulars of your contested divorce with me. As a Staten Island family law attorney, I can give you the specific legal advice and guidance you need.

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