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Potential new clients often call our offices looking for a free meeting with me. Yes, I do charge a fee for an initial meeting. While my team does explain the reason for the fee, I thought it best to explain my policy of charging for the initial meeting.

Many offices offer a free 10-, 15-, 20, or 30-minute consultation. During that meeting, the attorney sits with you and listens to your legal situation, your current relationship issues etc., but does not evaluate your case for you. This is the reason that, very often, my prospective clients tell me that they left the free consultation without a true understanding of whether the attorney with whom they met even had a plan for handling their case.

When you meet with me, we meet for at least one hour. We therefore not only have time to talk about what you are going through as you prepare to divorce your spouse or deal with a family law matter, but I have the advantage of time to fully analyze your income, to strategize the support, property distribution, entitlements, or obligations you may have, and to work with you to create a long-range goal to represent you in your matter.

I do not just talk about possible concepts but concrete issues which we will address in your case and how these issues can be either conquered, tamed, or otherwise dealt with. For 60 minutes to 75 minutes, my attention is focused upon you and your family. The time is not spent trying to sell you on me, but to educate you as to what your process of divorce or family court proceedings will look like.

Sometimes free sessions will have been nothing more than a sales pitch. My purpose is to give you value by fully synthesizing the facts you give me and providing you with usable information. Anyone can give you a sales pitch. This is especially so if their goal is just to get any client and any case into their doors. That is not my goal. As part of my boutique practice, I am selective about the cases I am retained upon and the clients I represent.

My objective is quality representation, not the quantity of clients I serve. I have spent over a decade perfecting my firm to properly and fully serve the legal interests of my clients in a manner which allows me to fully focus upon all of my cases and to provide my clients with technologically advanced representation and a comfortable place in which to meet with me. When you arrive at my office, you feel the pride with which I treat my clients.

I look forward to meeting with you to help you "Turn Fear Into Power When Happily Ever After Fades Away."

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