Staten Island Family Divorce Attorney

LGBTQ Divorces on Staten Island

Just a few short years ago, same sex, transgender and LGBTQ marriages were illegal. After the dust has settled on the Supreme Court Decision which corrected the moral and legal wrong of those marriage bans, divorce law surrounding LGBTQ divorces, custody and other family-law related legal matters is now starting to be crafted. I have provided members of the LGBTQ community with competent legal representation for several years. In fact, I was the first attorney to procure a same-sex divorce in Bergen County, New Jersey BEFORE same-sex marriages were legalized in the Sate of New Jersey. When facing issues of custody and visitation of non-biological children, the law regarding the non-parents ability to seek visitation of a child of their ex/current partner has been completely turned on its head, giving the non-biological parent standing to seek custody/parenting time with the subject child. These new advancements in LGBTQ rights are exciting and I am staying on top of every new case or law issued on this subject. Discrimination of the LGBTA community is a real issue, especially on Staten Island. I am dedicated to helping all members of our community turn their fears into power when happily ever after fades away.