Staten Island Family Divorce Attorney

Why Do You Charge a Consultation Fee and What Will I Get For It?

Often clients searching for legal services look for free initial consultations. Free consultations are common, but the chance of you securing true legal advice during those appointments is rare. That is why I do not offer consultations. Consultations are usually not much more than a meet and greet with a legal professional to see whether their office location is convenient for you or whether you like the lawyer you are meeting. Instead, I offer Legal Strategy Sessions to my prospective new clients. A Legal Strategy Session is different than a simple consultation. At a Legal Strategy Session, you can expect to begin your journey of knowledge of your unique legal situation with me. During our strategy session, I begin the process of educating you about child support and spousal support, if they are applicable. My analysis is replete with a review of your finances to determine the obligations the court might impose, advise you of ways to potentially upwardly or downwardly modify those numbers, etc. We will talk about the distribution of your actual property and the laws that may be applicable to you, so that you know what to expect to occur in your case. My time, knowledge, and expertise will be available to you. Everything about what I do during your legal strategy session is customized to and focused upon you. Even if my services are not retained, you will leave my office with an actual understanding of the law applicable to your case and a game plan for navigating through the process. When they leave my office, my legal strategy client’s feel more confident about their positions and what to expect from the process, getting them one step closer to turning their fear into power when happily ever after fades away.