Blog Posts in September, 2018

  • Common Law Marriage: The Myth that Keeps on Ticking

    || 26-Sep-2018

    As a young adult, I remember hearing about this concept of marriage which springs into existence based on two people residing together as “as spouses “for seven years or more. I remember first hearing of the concept when my mother described a relationship between a neighbor and her “common law husband”. She explained to me that people who lived together as spouses for seven ...
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  • Am I Abandoning My Spouse By Leaving The House?

    || 12-Sep-2018

    Recently, I have been meeting prospective clients who are afraid to leave their unhappy marriages and homes for fear of being accused of abandoning their spouses and/or their children. The most emotionally destructive thing that can happen to a person is staying in an emotionally harmful space without any way out. The feeling of being physically and emotionally trapped generally causes depression ...
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