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AACFL Member

Divorce is not just an emotional rollercoaster; it’s also accompanied by numerous financial challenges. There are several financial circumstances where the expertise of a Certified Financial Litigator (CFL) with an American Academy for Certified Financial Litigators (AACFL) membership could provide significant advantages for a client.

Insight into AACFL Membership

Divorces can be complicated, especially if the divorcing parties are high-net-worth individuals with high-value assets, like businesses, real estate, or valuable collections. In these types of situations, the advice and counsel of a Certified Financial Litigator (CFL) could be invaluable. In this blog, we will review many of the benefits of choosing an attorney with a CFL designation and AACFL membership.

What Does CFL Certification Mean?

To become a CFL attorney, a lawyer must pass the CFL Exam and maintain good standing with the AACFL. AACFL membership is afforded to attorneys who have completed comprehensive training in the financial aspects of divorce, including resolving complex financial issues. The CFL certification is the highest-level award granted by the AACFL and only an elite group of practitioners nationwide have achieved this status. A CFL designation is not easily achieved as it requires dedication, advanced financial skills, and a commitment to ongoing education.

AACFL Attorney Membership means a lawyer embraces the mission of enhancing the family law community through advanced financial education while remaining on the cutting edge of financial issues relating to divorce.

Why Choose a Certified Financial Litigator?

A CFL is not just an attorney; they are professionals who have undergone extensive training in handling the financial aspects of legal issues, especially those related to divorce and complex financial matters. Certified financial litigators have completed comprehensive training and achieved a passing grade on the CFL Exam, ensuring they are well-versed in all aspects of financial law. Choosing an attorney with a CFL certification means you're opting for an expert with a deep understanding of financial issues that may arise during legal proceedings. These attorneys can provide advice and guidance based on a thorough knowledge of financial concepts and regulations.

When to Contact a Certified Financial Litigator and AACFL Certified Attorney

An attorney with a CFL certification can provide invaluable expertise for clients with business holdings or sizeable assets to distribute. A CFL will understand the intricacies involved in asset and business driven family law cases and can help ensure that your interests are protected throughout the process. A CFL brings financial acumen to the legal table, which can be a game-changer in complex cases.

A certified financial litigator can help you in cases involving:

  • Complex Asset Division: If your marital estate involves complex assets such as businesses, investments, real estate, retirement accounts, or substantial debt, you'll benefit from a CFL's expertise. They can help ensure fair division and prevent any potential financial pitfalls.
  • High Net Worth Divorce: In high net worth divorces, the stakes and complexities are high. A CFL can provide expert guidance on asset valuation, tax implications, and long-term financial planning issues.
  • Spousal Support and Child Support: Determining spousal and child support requires a comprehensive understanding of both parties' financial situations. A CFL can provide a detailed analysis to ensure that support payments are fair and equitable.
  • Hidden Assets: Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for a spouse to hide assets during a divorce. A CFL has the training to uncover hidden assets and ensure they're included in the divorce settlement.
  • Business Ownership: If you or your spouse owns a business, a CFL can accurately evaluate its value and how it should be factored into the divorce settlement.
  • Tax Implications: Divorce can have significant tax implications. A CFL can advise on minimizing tax liabilities and avoiding potential tax pitfalls.

Remember, every divorce and legal complication is unique, and the need for a CFL will depend on your circumstances. However, when financial complexities arise, having a legal expert who understands financial matters can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case.

Contact a Certified Financial Litigator at Dow Divorce Law

Choosing a certified financial litigator with AACL membership can provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing your legal matters are in capable hands. Attorneys with these professional certifications possess advanced knowledge of both financial and legal requirements and laws. They have the education and training to navigate complex cases involving businesses and large asset distribution. Remember, when it comes to legal issues, expertise matters. Opting for a certified financial litigator means choosing an attorney well-equipped to handle complex financial matters to your benefit.

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