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All across the nation, the United States Supreme Court ruling on June 26th that legalized same-sex marriages in all 50 states has been sparking hot debate. Some people are staunchly defending the new rights, citing the Fourteenth Amendment and the protections it is to give all citizens under the law. Others are protesting loudly, pointing out potentially violated religious freedoms and states’ rights.

Even some politicians are getting involved and stirring one stance on same-sex marriage or another into their strategies and speeches. Former New York Governor David Paterson recently stated that, during his stay in office, his popularity had sharply decreased due to his open support of same-sex marriage. He has yet to make any public statement to directly address his feelings on the new ruling, however. (A full article from Observer about this story can be seen here.)

It Isn’t All Just About Marriage

Same-sex couples in all states were not only granted marriage rights by the Supreme Court’s ruling but also divorce rights. Previously, it was impossible for same-sex couples to divorce if they were living in a state that did not recognize the validity of their union. For many, it could feel like being trapped in a marriage that was meant to be dissolved some time ago.

In addition to altering divorce laws, the ruling could also have an effect on family law in general. Matters like child custody agreements and fathers’ rights could require revision now that the gender biases that seemed to be intrinsic to the legislation is up in the air. Whether or not major changes are coming is yet to be determined.

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