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Divorce: Should You Wait Until the New Year?

Why does it matter in which month you file for divorce? Because divorce can place a heavy toll on your family, especially during family-centric times of the year. Filing for divorce after the holidays are over can actually be a wise decision, both personally and financially.

The holidays are usually a stressful time. Adding divorce to the mix can be mentally and emotionally overwhelming. Many people choose to wait until January, when the family get-togethers and parties are over, children are back in school, and life has returned to a normal schedule.

Taxes are an issue that should be considered as well. Since we have an uncertain taxation level in the upcoming year, you want to know where you stand financially before you move forward. After December 31st, you can begin collecting all of the information you need about the finances of the marriage so that you are prepared and can find out where you stand financially if you file for divorce.

New York has unique laws that you need to understand so that you are fully informed about what is likely to happen in your specific case. I advise you to contact us to discuss your situation. I can help you get a clear and honest look at what lies ahead in a private strategy session.