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Adelola Sheralynn Dow Founding Attorney


Turning Fear Into Power When Happily Ever After Fades Away®

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Divorce and family law issues are difficult to navigate without the use of skilled legal counsel. As the child of divorced parents, and having initiated my own divorce, I understand the importance of counseling my clients on methods they can use to move their divorce along in a manner which does not negatively impact their children or their dignity. I also understand the fear that often comes by engaging in this foreign process and know full well how to help you harness that fear by turning it into power while you navigate through this process.

I founded my practice to bring integrity to the practice of divorce law in a time when mistrust of divorce lawyers and the matrimonial (divorce) law system is at an all-time high. The training I received as a law clerk and law secretary (Judge’s Personal Attorney) to two divorce/family law judges has given me a unique understanding of the way judges make decisions in family law matters. I pride myself in providing teaching-based representation so that you understand the law and the way it will work in your case. It is that knowledge which we will use to turn your fear of the divorce process into your power as we work together to protect your legal interests and the best interests of your children.

If you aren’t yet married and you want to protect your assets in the event of a divorce, or if you have rekindled a marriage and want to limit the legal argument you would have in the event of an eventual divorce, I will help you craft an agreement which fairly and properly protects your assets and those of your children.

While most cases settle without going to trial, it is important to hire an attorney who can litigate your matter in the event a trial becomes necessary. Skilled litigators can advise you about whether your case has the potential to be litigated and about ways to avoid trial if that is possible. Approximately 10% of cases go to trial. If your case is one of the 10%, we are here to help.

While I am an adept litigator, I also know that it is important to hire an attorney who can assess when your interests can be better served with non-litigation tactics, such as collaborative law and mediation. I am a trained collaborative divorce lawyer and can help you to navigate the waters of divorce without the cost and emotional expense of litigation.

Born in Manhattan and raised in Brooklyn, New York, I am a truth-speaker who “keeps it real” even when what I have to say isn’t necessarily what my client wants to hear. I relocated to Staten Island at the age of 16 and attended Wagner College, Grymes Hill, where I received my Bachelor’s degree in English and minored in Sociology. After taking a few years off to sell real estate and save money for law school, I attended the City University School of Law in Flushing, Queens, where I received my Juris Doctorate degree. I have been practicing law for over thirteen years and enjoy helping and developing long-lasting relationships with my clients. I reside with my husband, Michael E. Dow, Jr., a Staten Island native, and our two children.