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  • Can I Seek an Annulment From My Spouse for Failure to Consummate?

    || 26-Apr-2018

    Many clients come into our office to consult with our attorneys about whether or not they can get an annulment from their spouse after only a few weeks of marriage. They usually want to ask us if they can to obtain an annulment based upon their failure to consummate the marriage. Those who ask this tend to be under the assumption that they can obtain an annulment based upon their failure to ...
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  • "You can’t get blood from a stone”, is the old adage which often gives people comfort when they owe money to a creditor whom they cannot afford to repay. Well, as all of my clients can confirm, I speak the truth even when you don’t want to hear it, so here goes: the court has a nifty power called “imputation”. When the court imputes income to you or your spouse ...
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