Blog Posts in 2018

  • Common Law Marriage: The Myth that Keeps on Ticking

    || 26-Sep-2018

    As a young adult, I remember hearing about this concept of marriage which springs into existence based on two people residing together as “as spouses “for seven years or more. I remember first hearing of the concept when my mother described a relationship between a neighbor and her “common law husband”. She explained to me that people who lived together as spouses for seven ...
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  • Am I Abandoning My Spouse By Leaving The House?

    || 12-Sep-2018

    Recently, I have been meeting prospective clients who are afraid to leave their unhappy marriages and homes for fear of being accused of abandoning their spouses and/or their children. The most emotionally destructive thing that can happen to a person is staying in an emotionally harmful space without any way out. The feeling of being physically and emotionally trapped generally causes depression ...
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  • The first half of the year is over and that fact has never been more important to divorcing couples than it is this year, 2018. Why? Because last year, Congress passed a sweeping tax reform law which changes the financial landscape for couples who are currently divorcing or will file for divorce in the future. Simply put, if you are the higher-earning spouse, your window of opportunity for ...
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  • DANGER, DANGER! Think Deep Before You Purchase!!!

    || 14-Aug-2018

    In recent years, it has become increasingly popular for couples to purchase homes together before tying the knot. Getting the keys before the ring has more legal repercussions than most people can imagine. This is especially so if the wedding doesn’t occur. So, before you say yes to the house, talk to an attorney about how doing so may impact you, your finances, etc. I would almost always ...
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  • Why Do You Charge a Consultation Fee and What Will I Get For It?

    || 1-Aug-2018

    Often clients searching for legal services look for free initial consultations. Free consultations are common, but the chance of you securing true legal advice during those appointments is rare. That is why I do not offer consultations. Consultations are usually not much more than a meet and greet with a legal professional to see whether their office location is convenient for you or whether you ...
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  • LGBTQ Divorces on Staten Island

    || 24-Jul-2018

    Just a few short years ago, same sex, transgender and LGBTQ marriages were illegal. After the dust has settled on the Supreme Court Decision which corrected the moral and legal wrong of those marriage bans, divorce law surrounding LGBTQ divorces, custody and other family-law related legal matters is now starting to be crafted. I have provided members of the LGBTQ community with competent legal ...
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  • Cheap and Quick Isn't Always the Best Way to Divorce

    || 10-Jul-2018

    We’ve all heard of the phrase “It’s cheaper to keep her/him.” However, that isn’t the case when you are trying to navigate a divorce which may involve children, property or both. Divorce matters are some of the most complicated cases which come before a court. And, while many divorces which do not involve those complicated issues can be navigated by you having form ...
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  • People often call my offices seeking an attorney to represent their spouse and themselves in their uncontested divorce. Usually their first query is whether they and their spouse can come into my offices to sit down with me with respect to planning their uncontested divorce. In response, my answer is always a resounding "NO." This response always takes people aback. They think "hey, ...
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  • Can I Seek an Annulment From My Spouse for Failure to Consummate?

    || 26-Apr-2018

    Many clients come into our office to consult with our attorneys about whether or not they can get an annulment from their spouse after only a few weeks of marriage. They usually want to ask us if they can to obtain an annulment based upon their failure to consummate the marriage. Those who ask this tend to be under the assumption that they can obtain an annulment based upon their failure to ...
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  • Divorce & Your Mortgage | Staten Island Divorce Lawyer

    || 11-Apr-2018

    Divorce Agreements: What You Need to Know About Changing the Title to Your Home Without Paying off The Mortgage Divorce agreements often allow one spouse to purchase the other’s interest in their former marital home. This concept is called a "buy out" and usually involves one party buying the other person's interest for one-half of whatever the equity in the former marital home ...
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  • Hiring The Bulldog Attorney: Litigating on Emotions, Not Facts

    || 18-Jan-2018

    Allow me to let you in on a little secret: I love to argue. Okay, maybe it’s not such a well -kept secret. Throughout my years of practice as a matrimonial and family court attorney, people have been frank about telling me that they’ve hired me because... “I hear you are a bulldog!” Though that is true, I am often compelled to explain to those potential and new clients that ...
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  • New Year, New You Without Your Spouse

    || 2-Jan-2018

    Rumor has it that the first of the year brings with it a run on divorce lawyers’ offices as realizations that a marriage isn’t living up to life desires and/or goals become intensified with the passing of yet another year. While you may desire to have a fresh start, you must make sure to make your decision after fully considering what you want your future to look like and whether ...
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