Post-Judgment Modification of Support

Staten Island Family Lawyer A. Sheralynn Dow

Circumstances in your life may have changed since your divorce was finalized with a settlement agreement. You may need greater assistance with child support due to the increased needs of your children or due to a loss of income. You may need further spousal support from an ex-spouse so that you can get the education or job training required to transition yourself into the job market. You may have been beset by an illness or disability that has caused you to lose employment, requiring increased assistance from your ex-spouse. You may be the paying spouse who has suffered changes which prevent you from providing the support you originally agreed to. Seek assistance from a Staten Island divorce attorney right away!

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Both child support and spousal support obligations can be modified through the courts. When child support modification is sought, the courts will consider it in light of what is in the best interests of the child. Spousal support can also be modified through the courts if you can show the occurrence of a substantial change in your circumstances which justifies such a modification. In either case, you will need a competent Staten Island divorce lawyer to manage your case.

Contact a Staten Island family law attorney if you need to seek a post-judgment modification of support through the courts.