Child Support Modifications

Staten Island Divorce Lawyer A. Sheralynn Dow

Many changes can occur in the lives of parents and children which require a modification in child support obligations. In the months and years after a divorce is finalized, you may find that more or less is required to financially support your children. If you need to make a modification in child support payments due to a change in your circumstances and you are located in Staten Island, Brooklyn, or in the counties of Middlesex or Monmouth in New Jersey, you can seek the legal assistance of Attorney Adelola Sheralynn Dow.

As a Staten Island divorce lawyer, Attorney Dow is licensed to practice law in both New York and New Jersey and can apply to the courts in these states for a modification of any aspect concerning your child support payments.

Child Support Modifications in NY & NJ Family Courts

Child support payments may be changed by making a request for a modification submitted as a formal petition or motion to the court. This modification request can occur at any time throughout the period that support payments are required. Modifications may be requested when a change in the circumstances occurs, such as when a parent loses employment, or when the child requires additional income due to a medical or educational reason.

It is not wise for parents to make verbal agreements between themselves regarding a child support modification. It is always best to seek legal advice from a competent Staten Island divorce lawyer before making any decisions regarding child support modification. Attorney Dow can provide you with the knowledge and counsel you need. Contact the firm to arrange a Legal Strategy Session about modifying your child support order at your earliest opportunity.

Contact Staten Island family law attorney A. Sheralynn Dow today if you need to make a modification of child support through the courts.