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Child custody is the most important issue that must be resolved in the breakup of any relationship. Custody can also be one of the most contentious issues between parents.

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Child Custody Cases in New York & New Jersey

Child custody consists of two parts. Legal custody of a child involves the right and responsibility of making decisions regarding the child, such as health, education, religion, and other major life concerns. Physical or residential custody of a child refers to where and with whom the child will live. When the parents share joint legal custody, both parents will make major decisions about the child. The parent with whom the child resides will make the day-to-day decisions while the child is under his or her care. When only one parent has custody, which is called sole custody, that parent has the exclusive right to make decisions about the child.

When determining child custody, the courts will not favor one parent over the other. Custody is decided upon the best interests of the child. The courts will consider many factors in arriving at their decision. These factors include which parent has been the child's main caregiver, the individual parenting skills of each parent, the physical and mental health of the parents, whether either parent has been the victim or aggressor in any domestic violence incident, what the child desires if he or she is old enough, and more.

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