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  • How Does a Judge Decide Who Gets Custody?

    || 31-Jan-2014

    One of the most disputed matters in any divorce is custody. When the parents split, who gets the children? The process of winning child custody is not a simple one, which means that you need a knowledgeable Staten Island divorce lawyer by your side. The Law Offices of Adelola Sheralynn Dow can provide the counsel and representation that you need in order to protect your rights to custody and ...
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  • How Does the Court Decide Who Gets Custody?

    || 9-May-2013

    There are many aspects that the courts consider when awarding custody to parents in child custody cases. Most courts use the philosophy of deciding what is the "best interests of the child" when dealing with child custody cases. In order to determine the best interests, the court takes many factors into consideration: The age, sex, and health of the child The mental and physical health ...
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